About Medge

"I Am Unique & Fabulous, and so are you!" 
Medge Jaspan

Medge is a Positive Psychology Practitioner,

Life Transition Coach, and Abstract Artist.

She graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s in Psychology, minored Mind-Body practices. Medge believes it’s all about bringing more authenticity and happiness into life.

"As an abstract artist, three words express the essence of my work: energy, light, and colors.

After an accident twenty-five years ago left me bed-ridden for almost four months, I began to experience vivid visions of brilliant colors. Although never having painted before in my life, suddenly, I felt compelled to express myself through painting.

After discovering this beautiful talent, I took art classes with art historian and painter Dr. Martha Gyllenhaal, and learned from the impressionist artist from Cannes, Laurence Uteschill. My art is full of colors and positive energy. When you will look at my painting, be attentive to the message that it brings you. I have created inspired paintings with combinations of the most vibrant colors of the spectrum.  My paintings invite you to feel and open your heart.

When Le Galeriste (Montreal, Canada) contacted me to use my art on clothing, I was like a little girl living a dream. They gave me a way to bring more energy, colors, and movements into the world.

In fact, I was thrilled to have a line of clothing that dries quickly, is wrinkle-free, and gives a true feeling of freedom to women.


Also, I enjoy traveling and discovering new cultures. I love people, food, cooking; I enjoy good dinner and good company. I breathe positivity and live my life by the principles of Positive Psychology.

Besides, I use art, in therapeutic coaching, to motivate, inspire, and encourage people in their daily life to Embrace and Enjoy their intrinsic Uniqueness." 

Abstract Artist
Medge  Jaspan


Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City

Master of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Mind-Body Practices


2020,  Black History Month  Exhibit People Choice Award, Fort Lauderdale, USA

2019, Excellence in Art Artavita, Santa Barbara, USA

2019, Broward Art Guild Mention, Fort Lauderdale, USA

2006, United Nations Women for Peace Excellence, Maastricht Nederland

2005, Excellence in Services, Biarritz France

2004, Book A Smile for Peace, Cannes, France

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